The New Leadership Paradigm: Leading Consciously & Authentically

Over the past 15 years I have been involved in working with senior leaders to become better at what they do, to become more successful in their organizations and to be more skilled at leading all those who happen to be there working with them. I’ve met all kinds of leaders and at different stages of their careers; some first time managers, others experienced running large divisions and some at the very top. Each individual has been unique in their own way and I can remember their stories clearly in my mind. At the same time I try to think about what actions and behaviours have made some…

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Everybody Needs A Coach

The latest buzz word in the business world is coaching. The word appears in business reviews, management books, in lectures, corporate brochures, and training sessions. But, the understanding of coaching and its benefits are not as clear and transparent as the apparent desire by managers and executives to use the approach. In fact, the skills required and the process of coaching are not necessarily new to people. However, what is new is the paradigm shift that is often necessary for people to be coaches instead of just doing it.

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The Impact of Interpersonal Relations for Senior Executives

I have been coaching senior executives for eight years now, from a range of industries including high-tech, pharmaceuticals, financial institutions, consultancies and many more, and I can’t stop thinking about how the majority of them have come to me not because of their inability to do their job but because they want to be able to get more out of themselves, their interactions with others and more out of their own people.

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A Job Search Must Co-Exist With Your Day Job

Imagine you have finally come to the decision to move on from your current job after months /perhaps years of thinking about whether to make the step or not. Now, one of the big challenges you face is that you have to search for that new perfect job while you are still full-time employed.

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Visionary Leadership – What is needed now!

In the midst of the economic crisis which the world is finding itself in right now the question of leadership around the world is becoming increasingly important. We see this in the focus on the new US President Obama and we also see this as large financial institutions, companies and organizations are shifting and looking to evolve into different entities to adapt to the current world situation. Over the last few years the business, political, social and environmental world have been evolving to a different paradigm which no longer supports the same kind of leadership which has been…

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Work-Life Balance – A Continuous Journey

I have a family, 2 children under 5 years old, my own business and I want to enjoy all of them to the fullest. So how do I do this?

This was my initial question to myself. I want so much yet there are only so many hours in a day. How can I get there? I once thought that I could define my ëbalanced lifeí and then just get there by prioritizing.

What I didnít realize at the time was that once I arrived at the ideal, something else changed and the initial definition of balance was no longer valid.

That is when I came to understand that finding a balance in your life is not something that you…

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